International Women’s Day: the international woman who inspires me

We’re at Euston train station, London. Your pain is so severe we’ve requested assistance to transport us through the bustle. They take one look at you500vip彩票线路测试 – you500vip彩票线路测试ng, gorgeous – and claim there is no transport available. It will be a struggle for me to carry all our luggage, but we’ll manage because we have no choice. You pull a folding walking stick from you500vip彩票线路测试r handbag.

Shamefaced, they decide assistance is available after all.

My best friend suffers from . Here she is:


We first met at a burlesque class in Liverpool. I’ve never been much of a girl’s girl, so this incredibly hot human not only acknowledging me, but actively pursuing conversation, immediately had my back up. Why was she interested in me? On noting her accent I declared my weakness for Aussie blokes, before lamenting the standard of the 100% of Aussie blokes I had dated (3 – all c*nts, and not in the banterous Aussie sense).

We became friends.

Like me, you500vip彩票线路测试’ve probably never heard of EDS. Here’s what the NHS have to say about it:

‘Ehlers–Danlos syndromes (EDS) are a group of … For some, the condition is relatively mild, while for others their symptoms can be disabling. Some of the rare severe types can be life-threatening.’

Symptoms manifest themselves in chronic pain, dislocations, digestive problems and many, many other issues.

From my view, it means she breaks like a China doll. This is her again, performing this time:


EDS isn’t particular about when it strikes. A rib can dislocate in a steel-boned corset, or simply during sleep (pssst – she snores really loudly. I was delighted to have finally discovered her flaw).


As an EDS suffer, there are days on end when interaction with the outside world is reduced to Facebook – if you500vip彩票线路测试’re lucky enough to have working fingers – or the seagulls who perch at you500vip彩票线路测试r window. That henna business you500vip彩票线路测试 wanted to launch and the costumes you500vip彩票线路测试 planned to sew? Yeah, not gonna happen today.

When doctors hear hooves they think horses, but the rarity of EDS means it’s often misdiagnosed as more obvious conditions – hence EDS sufferers likening themselves to zebras. Image by ChrisMPhotos81.

It’s painful hearing someone you500vip彩票线路测试 love refer to themselves as a cripple. When pain has driven them to the depths of despair, the words to make it better don’t exist.

This person is, in effect, grieving for the loss of their mobility; this fiercely independent soul, who sometimes can’t even brush her own hair. She recently chopped off that lovely hair.

Feelings about the wheelchair range from embarrassment to relief at simply being able to experience fresh air. I try to make her laugh by singing Weird Al and Limp Bizcit songs as we whizz along.


My fruity sis: you500vip彩票线路测试 are so much more than you500vip彩票线路测试r disability. You are the only person who will watch back-to-back documentaries about serial killers with me, and be enthused about . You are humble, loyal and loving. You are someone who will stop the car on a trip back to Oz just to photograph some for me.

The Big Marlin made my day

It’s hard watching you500vip彩票线路测试 suffer with you500vip彩票线路测试r family on the other side of the planet. I hope you500vip彩票线路测试 know how many people love you500vip彩票线路测试 on this (admittedly crappier – no Big Things, or Kylie, or blokes with Aussie accents) side just as much.

You may be ashamed of you500vip彩票线路测试r walking stick, but you500vip彩票线路测试 are every bit as strong and beautiful as you500vip彩票线路测试 were without it.


Little Peaches is a comedy burlesque performer and co-producer of . Keep up to date with upcoming performances via and .