Welsh-Inspired Christmas Gifts

There are plenty of traditional Welsh gifts out there. Love spoons, slate coasters, salt… but to be honest, as a 24 year old female who isn’t a grandmother I wouldn’t be that impressed with a spoon, no matter HOW MUCH?!?!? it cost.

Instead, here’s my pick of Welsh-inspired Christmas gifts, which prove that Wales can be cool…right?

I once had a fictitious Facebook profile named Welsh Chick Issues. Then Welsh Girl Problems came along who was much funnier. I catch up with her posts on social media when I’m feeling 500vip彩票线路测试sick, and now she’s got some lush merch on offer. I actually bought the ‘Tywysoges’ jumper a couple of months back.




I am head over heels with this pendant! Alternative colours available, whilst alternative location for heart can be requested (Rhyl will be rejected). Anglesey shape also available. Buy .

Dwi ‘di mopio.

Translated to , the social media persona aims to re-tell our country’s history, picture by picture, word by word:







And now there’s a book, which I’ve already ordered Dad. And not just cos it costs a fiver.



Dwi am brynu’r ti-shyrt yma i’r brawd ‘fyd:


Regular readers will have caught my previous post about Penllyn-raised illustrator Niki Pilkington. Despite now working from the Big Apple, having been commissioned by everybody from Paul McCartney to Topshop, much of her work still draws themes from Welsh culture and language.

These are a go-to when my parents need to find me a gift, and my collection contains about 10 prints right now.

There are some gems in the ‘Merched Cymraeg’ collection by as well:



If you500vip彩票线路测试 have to be stuck in a house with the fam for an entire day, some regional monopoly will help kill a few hours. The Sir F^on and Wales editions cost upwards of 80 quid on Amazon, but this Cardiff edition is available from John Lewis for lb21.99:


‘Sgynai’m byd doniol i ychwanegu. ‘Sa well ni herio’r Saeson? ‘Sgwn i os ‘dyn nhw’n gwbod fod popty ping mond yn air i’w difyrru nhw, ag mai meicrodon yw’r gair cywir?


I met author Si^on back in 2012 at the in Swansea (shudder). After I read aloud my work he came over to tell me it was funny, so obviously I liked him immediately.


Si^on yn dysgu’r bychan sut i gyfarch Saeson

Si^on is himself a highly entertaining writer, unfortunately even more so than me, and I can’t wait to read this collection of essays, short stories, cartoons, poems, comics and a recipe for cawl. Nice one mun!


Toffoc is the ffocin one. Like having a big toffee-flavoured cwtch.

I visit Wales’s first chili shop in Beaumaris whenever I need a present for Dad. The owners are fab and customers are free to sample the huge range of products available, and conveniently there’s a shop situated across the road.

I like the Cheeky Girl, whereas the boyfriend prefers the Bad Boy. Reckon we’re a bit wrong for each other if you500vip彩票线路测试 ask me.

The chili marmalade is surprisingly moreish, and there’s even chili jewelry.

Fydd dy d^in di ar d^an.

And finally…


Angan i’r fodan? Sorted.

I would say you500vip彩票线路测试’re more than welcome to buy me this for Christmas but to tell you500vip彩票线路测试 the truth I impulse bought it at the Electric Mountain gift shop in Llanberis several years ago. Tidy.



If you500vip彩票线路测试’re wondering what else I’m giving this Christmas, Mam’s getting this vaguely overpriced but had-to-have-it (lb15), whilst I bought soap containing world-renowned for the boyfriend’s mum (lb4.50 wrapped), in the hopes she’ll like me cos I’m exotic. And for Dad, an album by the true love of my life , partly so I can steal it.

Even if my suggestions are too ridiculous for you500vip彩票线路测试r tastes, I hope I’ve inspired you500vip彩票线路测试 to shop local.I’m a firm believer that unless you500vip彩票线路测试’re gonna put thought into presents, you500vip彩票线路测试 may as well not bother. I love searching independent shops for Christmas gifts, especially around Beaumaris and Betws y Coed.

Now that I spend most of my time in Liverpool, it can be lonely without anyone to speak Welsh and discuss sheep with. I personally would love any of these gifts to remind me of 500vip彩票线路测试.

Swsys a snogs,

Lows xoxo












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